One more birthday in Guantánamo

 *Update* Omar Khadr was finally repatriated to Canada on September 29. Under Canadian law, he will be eligible for release under parole by June 2013. But his return does not mean […]

The Bureaucratization of Misconduct

Earlier this year, Jim Bronskill reported on a series of very disturbing ministerial directives at CSIS relating to the use of information derived from torture and sharing information that could […]

Ten Years of Shame

July 27, 2012 marks the ten-year anniversary of Omar Khadr’s capture by American troops in Afghanistan. Ten years since the 15-year old boy from Toronto was taken from a battlefield, […]

No means no, redux

Just when it looks like the ministerial directives at CSIS couldn’t get more troubling, Jim Bronskill and his Access to Information requests uncover ever more disturbing material. As readers of […]

No means no

Jim Bronskill is reporting today on a December 2010 directive recently obtained under the Access to Information Act, in which Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has apparently informed CSIS that […]

Whispers and innuendo

Today, the BCCLA wrote to the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Public Safety about a recent government leak of purported intelligence information implicating two Canadians in a terrorist […]