To get a pardon you must apply to the National Parole Board, provide completed forms and a payment. The Parole Board will carefully consider your application and all accompanying records before making a decision. You do not need a representative or a lawyer to apply for a pardon as the instructions are in the Pardon Application Guide.
The process takes up to eighteen months.

If you want to get across the Canada-U.S.border you may need a waiver. You can get the package you need to apply to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for a waiver by going to the US consulate in Vancouver.

Start at Government Websites First

There are many businesses which may promise to get you a waiver, and some are better than others. In some cases, the websites of such businesses are made to appear to be official government sites.

Remember, U.S. government agencies have “.gov” in the website address.   Canadian government agencies have “” in the website address.

Getting Your Local Arrest Record Destroyed

You can apply to get some of the information related to your arrest destroyed.  The information that will be destroyed will include your fingerprints and “mug shot”, the file created about you as a result of your arrest, and the criminal record history in the CPIC database.

Some of the information will not be destroyed. This includes information in the records kept by the local police of the whole incident, and any court records which may exist relating to any prosecution or other court proceeding resulting from your arrest. The process takes about six months.

Or call the Court Liaison Unit – Criminal Records at (604) 717-3042 or the Supervisor i/c of the Court Liaison Unit at (604) 717-3039.

Links to other Local or Municipal Police Forces in British Columbia

  1. Abbotsford Police Department
    2838 Justice Way, Abbotsford BC V2T 3P5
    Phone: 604 859-5225
  2. Central Saanich Police
    1903 Mt. Newton X Road, Saanichton BC V8M 2A9
    Phone: 250 652-4441
  3. Delta Police Department
    4455 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta BC V4K 3E1
    Phone: 604 946-4411
  4. Nelson Police Department
    606 Stanley Street, Nelson BC V1L 1N4
    Phone: 250 354-3919
  5. New Westminster Police Service
    555 Columbia Street, New Westminster BC V3L 1H9
    Phone: 604 525-5411
  6. Oak Bay Police Department
    1703 Monterey Avenue, Oak Bay BC V8R 5V6
    Phone: 250 592-2424
  7. Port Moody Police Department
    3051 St. Johns Street, Port Moody BC V3H 2C4
    Phone: 604 461-3456
  8. RCMP E Division Headquarters
    657 West 37th Avenue
    Vancouver BC V5Z 1K6
    Phone: 604 264-3111
  9. Saanich Police Department
    760 Vernon Avenue, Victoria BC V8X 2W6
    Phone: 250 475-4321
  10. South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service
    307 Columbia Street
    New Westminster BC V3L 1A7
    Phone: 604 515-8300
  11. Stl’ Atl’ Imx Tribal Police
    P.O. Box 488, Lillooet BC V0K 1V0
    Phone: 250 256-7784
  12. Vancouver Police Department
    2120 Cambie Street, Vancouver BC V5Z 4N6
    Phone: 604 717-2706 (recruiting)
  13. Victoria Police Department
    850 Caledonia Street, Victoria BC V8T 5J8
    Phone: 250 995-7654
  14. West Vancouver Police Department
    1330 Marine Drive West, Vancouver BC V7T 1B5
    Phone: 604 925-7300