BCCLA saddened by news of the death of Jim Deva, champion of LGBTQ rights and free speech

The BCCLA is saddened by the news that Jim Deva died over the weekend. Jim was a prominent LGBTQ activist and a great friend and colleague of the BCCLA. He was co-owner of Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium, the little bookstore that successfully took on Canada Customs in a landmark censorship case that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Micheal Vonn, Policy Director of the BCCLA said, “Jim leaves an immense legacy. He was on the frontlines of crucial human rights battles. As co-owner of Little Sister’s, the censorship battle got brought to his doorstop. But he didn’t have to take it on. Anyone could have argued that a bigger, better funded, better resourced organization should take on that huge fight. But it was Jim and his partners that stepped up to the plate. That courage, that moxie, that stamina, that civic-mindedness, that love of community: that is how rights are won and protected. We are deeply indebted to Jim Deva for all that he did to expand and protect the rights of Canadians.”