BCCLA police accountability book delivered to BC’s new police accountability agency head

Robert Holmes, Q.C. and David Eby of the BCCLA hand delivered seven copies of the BCCLA’s new book Police-Involved Deaths: The Need for Reform to the head of B.C.’s new police investigation body, the Independent Investigation Office (IIO).

The IIO is tasked with investigating all cases of police-involved deaths and serious injury starting in February of 2012. Currently, the recently hired head of the organization, Richard Rosenthal, is recruiting investigators and staff to establish the new office.

“Our publication, which was produced in partnership with the Law Foundation of B.C., could not have been more timely,” noted Robert Holmes, Q.C. “It has chapters written by former members of the leadership of Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit on exactly what they would have done differently in setting up that police oversight agency. One chapter is even called 10 things not to do in setting up a police oversight body.’”

The new publication is available to the public, online, on the BCCLA website. Hard copies of the report may also be obtained from the BCCLA office. The BCCLA is currently mailing copies of this book, and two other recent reports by the Association on Lawful Access and Genetic Privacy, to libraries across B.C. and Canada. Currently, Jim Braunagel, the BCCLA office manager is also converting the book to an “e-book” format for free access by e-book users.

“This book is an essential part of the ongoing discussion that British Columbia is having about how to ensure police accountability,” noted Holmes. “We’re very proud to have partnered with the Law Foundation to contribute to that discussion.”

Click here to access the new book online in PDF format

Media Contact:
Robert Holmes, Q.C., President, 604 838 6856
David Eby, Executive Director, 778 865 7997