The BC Civil Liberties Association Clarifies its Position on “Occupy Vancouver”

The BCCLA’s position on “Occupy Vancouver” has been clear, notwithstanding misrepresentations of it in certain reporting on our recent press release:

1) The BCCLA calls on the City of Vancouver to celebrate free expression and assembly, and facilitate the demonstration on public space. The BCCLA is not calling for the demonstration’s immediate withdrawal and certainly not calling for their removal by force.

2) The BCCLA acknowledges that the Art Gallery is a traditional site for public demonstrations

and that there have been and will be others who wish to use the site to get their message out. The BCCLA calls for constructive and respectful dialogue by the City with Occupy Vancouver demonstrators on how all prospective users of the site can fairly be accommodated.

Click here to see the BCCLA’s letter to the Editor of the Province


Robert Holmes, Q.C., President, (604) 838-6856

Micheal Vonn, BCCLA Policy Director, (604) 630-9753