Liberal leadership candidates asked if they’ll protect rights and freedoms in B.C.

Liberal leadership candidates asked if they’ll protect rights and freedoms in B.C. The BCCLA has issued a survey to provincial Liberal leadership candidates to find out where they stand on key issues. The candidates’ answers will be published without editorial response from the BCCLA to allow voters to understand which candidate will best protect civil liberties values. A similar survey will be sent to NDP leadership candidates in February.

“An informed voter is a powerful voter,” said BCCLA President Robert Holmes, “our survey canvasses the latest in civil liberties issues in B.C., and ensures that candidates at the very least consider civil liberties values in crafting their platforms.”

The survey features 28 “yes or no” questions on the issues of police accountability, open and transparent government, drug policy, health, access to justice, and sex work. The responses will be published in time for the February 26th provincial Liberal leadership election in B.C.

“We will not be endorsing any candidates, but rather publishing the compiled responses without editorial comment” said Holmes. “We have urged the candidates to provide simple yes or no responses, as we feel that these responses will best help the public to compare and contrast different approaches to rights and freedoms.”

All declared candidates have been contacted with regards to the survey. As more leadership hopefuls announce their intention to run, the BCCLA will continue to send out surveys to learn more about their stand on these important issues.

To download a copy of the survey (PDF), click here

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