BCCLA co-sponsors doc on Canada’s anti-terrorism laws

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Vancouver, B.C. – The BCCLA is pleased to be the community sponsor of a documentary on Canada’s anti-terrorism laws and the need for reform. Ghosts, presented at the DOXA film festival this year, examines the accounts of three Arab-Canadians and their experiences during Canada’s war on terror.

“The BCCLA is proud to be involved in the screening of this film in Vancouver,” said Robert Holmes, President of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. “The personal accounts that it provides put human faces to the stories of torture that most Canadians have simply not heard. The film will inevitably lead to debate and discussion over how to protect fundamental rights through due process and fair trials.”

The documentary focuses on the Iacobucci inquiry, which the BCCLA pulled out of in 2009
citing concerns about inadequate document disclosure and fair process. Winner of the Audience Award at the Montreal Human Rights Film Festival this year, the BCCLA expects that the film will be a powerful teaching tool for citizens who wish to educate themselves on why open courtrooms, judicial independence and other principles of fundamental justice matter.

“There are no shortcuts in our effort to sustain a democratic, tolerant society that respects the rights of all,” notes Holmes. “In challenging times, our society is tested as to its willingness to adhere to the principles we say we are fighting to protect. If we lose sight of that, the rights and freedoms that previous generations and this one have sought to defend may be lost as well.”

The screening of Ghosts takes place May 13, at 1:00 p.m. at the Pacific Cinematheque at 1131 Howe Street and a discussion with audience members will follow with David Eby, Executive Director of the BCCLA.

See the preview of Ghosts and read more about the film >>

For more information contact:
David Eby, Executive Director, (778) 865-7997
Robert Holmes, President, (604) 681-1310