City Orders Anti-Olympic Mural Removed From Gallery

The City of Vancouver has shut down the public art space that has existed, uninterrupted since 2003, in front of the Crying Room gallery at 157 East Cordova Street following the posting of an anti-Olympic mural.

“Given the long and uninterrupted display of public art at this gallery, the tolerance of the City to date, the content of the mural, and the stipulations of the IOC and VANOC in limiting anti- Olympic expression, it certainly appears to be more than simple coincidence that the City has chosen this mural, at this time, to take exception to the Gallery’s actions,” said Robert Holmes, President of the BCCLA.

The City issued a notice to the landlord of the Gallery suggesting that the anti-Olympic mural was graffiti and contravened the City’s restrictions on graffiti, and ordering the mural removed. The BCCLA has written a letter to the City of Vancouver, expressing disappointment that the City has targeted this expression, apparently based on the content of the sign.

“We urge you to review your processes to ensure that this does not happen again,” wrote Holmes in the letter, “Although we are losing confidence in your political will to ensure that all voices are heard during the Olympic period despite your repeated public assertions to the contrary.”

Other displays mounted by the Crying Room, since 2003, can be viewed at

A photo of the mural ordered removed by the city can be viewed at:

Robert Holmes, President, 604-838-6856
David Eby, Executive Director, 778-865-7997