BCCLA Launches National Security Blog

For years, the BC Civil Liberties Association has been at the centre of Canadian national security issues. The BCCLA’s new National Security blog ( now brings you updates on the breaking national security issues of the day, with informed commentary and insight.

Grace Pastine, BCCLA’s Litigation Director: “Our court cases and advocacy work has been making news for years. From Maher Arar to Afghan detainees, from No-Fly lists to virtual strip search machines, the BCCLA has been there. Our new blog will allow us to share our reactions and commentary to breaking issues as they develop.”

The BCCLA National Security blog will also be a source of news and analysis. Carmen Cheung, Counsel at the BCCLA: “The BCCLA has always been as open as possible with the documents it receives through Access to Information requests and legal proceedings. But it’s sometimes difficult to see how these pieces relate to the bigger picture. The blog will help put these disclosures and developing events into context.”

The National Security blog has already been following the hearings before Parliament’s Special Committee on Afghanistan, and in the coming months the blog will cover a wide range of issues, including:

  • Canada’s involvement in the ”war on terror”, including Afghan detainees, the Military
  • Police Complaints
  • Commission Afghan Public Interest Hearings, Omar Khadr, and Security Certificates
  • Border controls, including searches of electronic devices
  • Racial profiling by police and intelligence agencies
  • “No Fly” lists and other watch lists
  • Airport security screening, including “virtual strip search” machines
  • International information sharing by intelligence agencies
  • Wiretapping and “lawful access”
  • CCTV and public surveillance
  • Biometrics, including DNA databases, retina scanning, and biometric ID cards


Grace Pastine, BCCLA Litigation Director – [email protected]
Carmen Cheung, Counsel at the BCCLA – [email protected]