BCCLA denounces blocking of website by Telus

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The B.C. Civil Liberties Association is calling on Telus to remove a block on subscribers’ access to a website operated by members of the Telecommunications Workers Union. The union is currently on strike and Telus has blocked access to the Voices for Change website, alleging privacy concerns and that the website encourages the jamming of phone lines to Telus call centres.

According to BCCLA President, Jason Gratl, “We reviewed the website from a proxy server because we were blocked on our Telus server. We didn’t see anything that would support the justifications given for blocking access to the site. Telus is leveraging its power as a telecommunications service provider to censor a specific group, shut down debate and limit the messages conveyed about the current labour dispute.”

The BCCLA takes no position on the collective bargaining dispute. Jason Gratl: “The merits of the labour dispute are not our issue. We are concerned about freedom of expression. The media report that there is acrimony on both sides of the fence on this issue. But as always, we advocate fighting speech with speech.”