2017 Board of Directors Nominations

The BCCLA invites its members to nominate candidates for election to the Board of Directors

BCCLA Directors are deeply committed to our mandate to preserve, defend, maintain, and extend civil liberties and human rights in Canada. The call for nominations for the Board from the membership is open from now until Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 5pm Pacific time.

If you, or someone you know, is a champion for civil liberties and human rights who has the experience, skills or background to make an effective contribution to the governance of the BCCLA, please considering nominating them for the BCCLA Board of Directors.

What does the BCCLA’s Board of Directors do?

The Board of Directors governs the BCCLA and sets its overall policy and direction, which are carried out by staff. The BCCLA is a registered charity, and its Directors have a legal duty to act in the best interest of the Association in carrying out their work.  Board Directors participate in the work of the BCCLA in a variety of ways, according to their interests and skills, including six board meetings a year and serving on working groups and committees.


  • Nomination submission deadline: Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 5pm Pacific time
  • Review by Elections Committee: March 23 – April 13, 2017
  • Candidates and any recommendations announced: Monday, April 17 2017
  • Online voting for the Board of Directors: Thursday May 4 – Thursday, May 11 at noon Pacific time (unless there are no contested seats, resulting in all candidates being acclaimed)
  • Annual General Meeting of the BCCLA (including opportunity for in-person voting): Thursday, May 11, 2017 (7-9pm, Alice McKay Room, Library Square, 350 West Georgia St, Vancouver)

Process for nominations and election

A member may nominate another member, or themselves, for election to the Board of Directors.

Who can be a candidate for election to the Board of Directors?

A person must be a member in good standing of the BCCLA for one year to be eligible to be nominated for election.

The BCCLA encourages nominations from a diverse range of individuals and communities, and also encourages nominations from all regions of the province and from across Canada. Directors need not be resident in the lower mainland of British Columbia as we facilitate distance participation in Board meetings.

If you have not yet been a member for at least a year but may be interested in running for the board in future years, you are invited to get in touch with our Board Development Committee via our Operations Director, Maggie Knight ([email protected]).

How to nominate a candidate:

Members who wish to nominate themselves or another member for election must complete the Nomination Form, and have the nominated member complete the Candidate Declaration, in which the candidate states that they are willing to stand for election, provides a candidate’s statement to be shared with the membership, and provides other information required by the BCCLA Board of Directors Election Rules. Both forms are combined in one, and can be downloaded below.

The completed and signed Nomination Form and Candidate Declaration must be submitted by Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 5pm Pacific time. (The form can be filled out electronically or by hand. The submitted version must be signed.)

What happens once a candidate has been nominated?

Under the BCCLA By-laws, all candidates for election must be considered through the nomination process described in the BCCLA Board of Directors Election Rules.

Elections Committee will review eligibility of nominated individuals:

The Elections Committee of the Board of Directors will review each nomination to determine whether the nominated individual is eligible to be a candidate (see nomination form for more details). Nominated individuals who have fulfilled these requirements are “qualified candidates”.

Elections Committee decides whether to recommend certain candidates for election:

All qualified candidates will be reviewed by the Elections Committee and must attend an interview, if requested, with the Committee. The Committee may recommend multiple candidates for election. In deciding whether to recommend a candidate or candidates, the Elections Committee:

  • will strive to ensure knowledgeable, experienced and diverse participation in the Association, putting forth candidates that support the Association’s objects, as set out in the BCCLA Constitution, and charitable goals;
  • may consider a candidate’s demonstrated interest and involvement in the BCCLA;
  • may consider whether candidates have the ability and skills necessary to contribute to the work of the Board of Directors;
  • may consider whether candidates provide any necessary or relevant expertise or knowledge, taking into account organizational needs;
  • may consider whether candidates are members of groups that have been traditionally under-represented in the BCCLA’s governance.

The Elections Committee will communicate its recommendations to the membership, along with the list of all qualified candidates for election to the Board of Directors. All qualified candidates may stand for election, whether or not they receive a recommendation. Incumbents and new candidates alike may be recommended.


This year, voting for the BCCLA Board of Directors will take place online from Thursday May 4, 2017 through Thursday May 11, 2017 at noon Pacific time, as well as in-person at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday May 11, 2017 (unless there are no contested seats, in which case all candidates will be elected by acclamation).

The BCCLA will email its members the list of candidates, the candidate statement provided by each candidate, and information about any recommendations made by the Elections Committee. This information will also be posted on the BCCLA’s website.

Candidates will not have access to the BCCLA membership list or email list in order to communicate with the membership, and the BCCLA will not communicate to members on behalf of any candidate, except by sharing the candidate’s statement and other relevant information as indicated above and in the Election Rules.

It is anticipated that the results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting, or as soon as possible thereafter to the membership.

Other information

We strongly recommend that anyone interested in serving on our Board attend some of our meetings or meet with our Board Development Committee to get a better sense of our work. Open portions of Board Meetings are open to members and guests. For more information, contact our Operations Director, Maggie Knight, at [email protected]

Nomination Form and Candidate Declaration, click here. (The Microsoft Word form can be filled out electronically or by hand. The submitted version must be signed.)

Election rules: To read the election rules, click here.

For more information on our current Directors and to read our Constitution and bylaws, click here.